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Posted on 21st Aug at 1:33 AM

What’s better: burgers or bOB’S Burgers ? ?

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went to a very lonely gay bar with my girlfriend and two friends and we became friends with the straight stripper who was working there; he told us his name was Roger and we tried to liven up his act by dancing around him. We saw the owner of the bar grab his dick in a very casual way in front of everyone but almost in a demeaning way that made us all wide eyed and giggly. Later on, we gave him some of our vodka and he confessed to my friend that he had only made $12 and that he had two kids. After that we went to a diner and laughed about it but in a sympathetic way

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I think once you accept that you’ll never really be ready for big change in your life, then you’ll probably be more open about letting it happen

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Fingers dimming in the lights
like you’re used to being told that you’re trouble
and I spent all night
stuck on the puzzle

Posted on 12th Aug at 11:07 PM

I know Mean Girls and it’s quotes have been completely exhausted by my generation but if you think about it, the fact that a generation’s favorite movie is a satirical spin on modern society written by an outspoken feminist then that speaks very highly of us

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sometimes I realize how little I care about boys and I can’t help but laugh @ institutionalized patriarchy

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I got my health insurance card thing in the mail today and it’s New York State health insurance which just emphasizes that I’m really moving there and not just going away for college and I’m gonna vomit but also cry happy tears

It’s all just very conflicting

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I tried to read the New York Magazine cover article about Tavi Gevinson but I didn’t feel like bubbling with envy

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